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No comment: iPhone case has a "discreet" storage compartment


Have you ever been out and realized you forgot your wallet just as you were going to pay for something? Bummer, right? And it probably makes you wish that Apple would go ahead and build a mobile payment system into the iPhone -- because you never leave your house without that.

Now imagine that you're a super cool player, meet a girl, and get invited back to her place for a "nightcap." Being the stud you are, you bypass the drink and get funky the second she closes the door. That's when you reach into your pockets and find your iPhone, but realize you forgot the one accessory every player should carry. Double bummer. I mean, despite all that the iPhone can do, there's no way it can help you in this situation, right?


Well, wrong if you have the right iPhone case. The aptly named Playa case by Opena aims to ensure that you're never without the means to get your groove on safely. The "discreet storage slot" on the back of the case carries one condom should the need arise. Click on over to Opena's website to place your preorder, playas. And also don't forget to watch the video where an Australian kid explains where he uses the Playa, including ... when walking the dog ...

No comment.

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