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République expanding to PC, Mac


Ryan Payton's Camouflaj studio and Logan Games are planning to bring République, an elaborate stealth adventure intended for iOS, to the PC and Mac as well. The game is still in the midst of a Kickstarter funding round, during which backers and fans will determine the viability of Payton's passion: putting a cinematic, story-driven "AAA" game on touch-based devices.

In pledging to support PC and Mac, the designers aim to revisit elements of the République's interface and story, as much of the original concept and fiction hinges on the use of a smartphone. As an outside entity viewing the situation through security cameras, you indirectly guide and communicate with Hope, a girl attempting to escape a heavily monitored installation.

If all goes to plan (the Kickstarter is about a fifth of the way to $500,000, with 14 days left to go), you'll meet her in Summer 2013. The PC and Mac versions should follow "shortly after."

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BELLEVUE, Wash. and VENICE, Calif.-April 26, 2012- After an incredible outpour of requests from the community, videogame development studio Camouflaj, LLC and world-renowned production company Logan are committing to a special edition of their debut game, République, for the PC and Mac platforms.

More than just a simple port of the in-development iOS version, République for desktop computers will feature new gameplay, controls and story elements custom-tailored to the unique strengths of the PC and Mac platforms.

"Kickstarter is great because it gives us a direct connection to those interested in our game and allows us to have a dialogue with them," says Camouflaj's Ryan Payton. "The community told us they want République for PC and Mac, and we've listened. This is a big win for everybody."

The Kickstarter campaign for République has entered its third week and just surpassed the $95,000 funding mark.

"We've still got a ways to go," says Billy Berghammer, who recently joined Camouflaj to help the team with their Kickstarter campaign. "I'm bullish on our chances to reach our lofty goal, especially when I realized the community was clamoring for a PC version, not a PC ENGINE version..."

The development teams behind République are comprised of industry veterans that worked on such AAA franchises as Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Brothers in Arms, F.E.A.R., as well as the Skyrim television spot and iconic iPod "silhouette" ads.

République is scheduled for a summer 2013 release on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and on PC and Mac shortly after.

For more information about République, visit the game's Kickstarter page:, or follow on Twitter (@camouflaj) and Facebook (

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