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Star Wars: The Old Republic answers a new set of community questions

Eliot Lefebvre

The Legacy update is live, the Rakghoul Plague is contained for the time being, and Star Wars: The Old Republic fans are eager for more content and more news. The latest set of community questions and answers doesn't really deliver any new content, but it does deliver tantalizing promises, such as the fact that players can expect to roster of playable races to expand this year. There are also promises of an overhaul to the Achievement system and more Legacy-wide rewards, potentially including datacrons.

Not all of the news is good, however, with dual spec confirmed to not be included in the the upcoming patch 1.3 (but hopefully in the following patch). There are also a few in-depth answers about crafting and the necessity of finding a crafter for optimal item modifications. Players can also expect to see future spontaneous world events, although the team doesn't want to precisely replicate the Rakghoul Plague with a new skin. Take a look at the full list of questions, and if you want something answered that isn't there, submit it for the next round.

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