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Wolfram Alpha releases first desktop PC app for Windows 7, makes homework even easier


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Have a habit of letting Wolfram Alpha do your math for you? Well, say hello to one more tool in your computational arsenal -- the electronic homework lackey self-described knowledge engine is now available as a Windows 7 desktop app for $2.99 at the Intel AppUp store. In addition to providing desktop analytics on the works of the Bard, the Wolfram Alpha app features extended copy / paste support for graphics and queries, a full-screen optimized user interface and a special software keyboard with native support for special characters. If that isn't enough, the company also plans to drop even more knowledge at the AppUp center later this year in the form of "course assistant apps" for such geeky subjects as astronomy, physics and chemistry. Still got queries about the desktop app? Then satiate that thirst for information by imbibing in the PR after the break.

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Wolfram|Alpha Brings Its Line of Mobile and Tablet Apps to PCs & Ultrabooks™

Champaign, Illinois-April 26, 2012-Wolfram|Alpha, the leaders in computational knowledge, today announced a partnership with Intel bringing all Wolfram mobile applications-including the #1 reference app, the Wolfram|Alpha App-to Ultrabooks™ through the Intel AppUp center.

Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation. Wolfram|Alpha Executive Director Luc Barthelet said this partnership marks the first delivery of Wolfram|Alpha's computational knowledge to the world of PC apps.

"We're delighted to bring the polished UI from our mobile and tablet devices to the PC, specifically laptops and Ultrabooks™," said Barthelet. "We have a growing line of mobile apps and are looking forward to bringing all of them to the AppUp center by the end of the year."

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks™ features an optimized user interface that takes advantage of the full PC screen. The app also features a specialized keyboard, easy resizing of results, and extended copy and paste of query results and graphics.

Students and professionals use Wolfram|Alpha in a variety of subject areas. Students can enter their specific homework problems and get immediate answers, including a "Show steps" feature for math-related queries. Later this year, Wolfram|Alpha will release its series of Course Assistant Apps through the AppUp center in subjects such as calculus, astronomy, physics, and chemistry.

Other specialized Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps include resources for professionals and in-depth reference materials in a vast array of subject areas. To see a preview of what apps will be available on the store this year, please view the complete collection of Wolfram|Alpha-powered apps here.

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks™ is available for purchase for $2.99 starting today.

To learn more about Wolfram|Alpha, please visit

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