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Dragon's Lair swings onto XBLA May 18

Jordan Mallory

Come May 18, the Xbox 360 will join historical icons like the Sega CD and Philips CD-i as one of the many proud platforms to receive a port of Advanced Microcomputer Systems' classically animated laserdisc fable, Dragon's Lair.

If you count the horrible Game Boy version and various other non-digital-media pseudo-ports from the 80s, the XBLA rerelease will be port number 67 for Dragon's Lair, although its Kinect capabilities make it distinct from its predecessors in that Dragon's Lair is the first XBLA title to support both regular controllers and Microsoft's all-seeing eye. The port also features a "full watch" mode for people too lazy to use either control method, as well as those who enjoy buying ancient animated feature films with MS Points.

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