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Oracle providing direct Java support for OS X, updates to be more timely


Macworld and Ars Technica reported late yesterday that Oracle has announced direct support of Java for OS X. This appears to be a reaction to the rather widespread outbreaks of malware that took advantage of exploits in Java before Apple was able to provide an update. This change has been anticipated for some time, as Apple did not include its own Java in Lion by default. Like the other platforms where Java works, Oracle will be providing updates for future versions of OS X.

Oracle's Henrik Stahl announced that the company will be updating Java for the Mac directly and on a release schedule concurrent with other platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Oracle's Solaris OS.

Stahl also announced that the Java Development Kit 7 and JavaFX Software Development Kit 2.1 for OS X are now available for download. Support for the Plugin and Web Start elements of Java won't be available until later in 2012 when JDK 7 Update 6 arrives. Oracle also noted that the new versions of Java will only support OS X Lion and higher.

[via The Verge]

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