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Trials Evolution track ranking bug resolved

Jordan Mallory

An error in Trials Evolution's user-generated track ranking algorithm has been fixed, according to Eurogamer. The error, which resulted in newly created high-ranking tracks being promoted at the expense of older, equally awesome tracks has been corrected by making lifetime user ratings part of the calculation. This means that, old or new, the best user-created content should float to the top.

We tried our hand at creating a Trials Evolution course, once. The idea was that the player would ride a motorcycle down an infinite ramp, gaining speed as they did so until they went so fast that they traveled back in time to the very creation of the universe, where they would instantly asphyxiate in the unforgiving void of space. Sadly, no one on staff had the time, patience or motivation to actually make any of that stuff happen, so what we ended up with was the Trials Evolution equivalent of a macaroni doodle.

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