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ThreeA Toys unveils prototype Portal 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 statuettes

Jordan Mallory

Chinese design house/ridiculously detailed toy company ThreeA Toys had many different prototype products on display during its ReVenture event in Hong Kong this weekend, but the ones we're most interested in are the astonishingly accurate reproductions of Portal 2's Altus and P-Body and Metal Gear Solid 2's Metal Gear RAY.

All three statues are prototypes and as such there's no information regarding availability, pricing, how articulated they might be or what they'll even look like once they've been painted. It's also difficult to tell whether this RAY model is the manned version created by the Marines, or the unmanned mass-produced model designed by the Patriots. Either way, we desperately want these things adorning our various fireplace mantels as soon as humanly possible. Check out high-resolution shots of all three statues in the gallery below.

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