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Awesomenauts to launch as planned on PSN tomorrow, XBLA naut known [Update: XBLA now known!]


Awesomenauts will launch as scheduled on PSN in North America tomorrow, Sony announced via Twitter today. The future of Awesomenauts was thrown into disarray yesterday when news broke that its publisher, dtp entertainment, had filed for insolvency. Developer Ronimo said it was working with dtp to get Awesomenauts published.

Awesomenauts will be free for PS Plus subscribers, Sony said. It was scheduled to launch on XBLA on May 2, but that release is still unconfirmed. We've contacted Microsoft for clarification.

Update: Ronimo has confirmed to Joystiq that Awesomenauts will launch as scheduled on XBLA, on May 2. Microsoft has yet to respond, but this is heartening news for potential Awesomenauts fans everywhere.

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