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BlackBerry Music Gateway streams audio over Bluetooth, pairs with NFC for RIM-made remote control


It's not the QNX-based smartphone you've all been waiting for, but it should give crackberry devotees something to bop along to. Outed just one day before the company's showcase officially kicks off in Orlando, Waterloo's trotting out its BlackBerry Music Gateway: a car / home stereo accessory that pairs with your BB handset or PlayBook tablet to wirelessly stream audio over Bluetooth with an NFC assist. The $50 peripheral, set for a June release, is meant to turn your RIM-built device into an easy-to-use remote at a distance of up to 30 feet. For that convenient near field communication control, however, you'll need to be packing one of the company's NFC-enabled phones, like the Bold 9790 or Curve 9360/ 9380. Splashiest news to come out of BlackBerry World 2012? We sure hope not. Consider this the trickle before the eventual PR deluge.

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