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TERA Europe offers bonus items and skins to prepurchase customers


What with all the hullabaloo about TERA Europe's sex-and-violence-reducing changes to the game, some European players have professed to having second thoughts about whether or not to actually purchase the action-focused title. Frogster, the game's European publisher, announced today a new promotion for players who have purchased (or plan to purchase prior to launch) the European version of TERA.

To get in on the promotion, players must have purchased the full version of TERA (not the mini pre-order version, which can be upgraded to the full or collector's edition) prior to the game's May 2nd launch. Any players who fall into that category will be rewarded with the Legendary Legacy item package, which includes an exclusive weapon skin for each class, plus three accessories: a pirate eye-patch, a pirate face-mask, and... a pair of horn-rimmed glasses? What is this, sexy pirate librarian cosplay? At any rate, for the full details, head on over and check out the official post at the TERA EU official site.

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