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Rusty Hearts releases new Leila Vergerius character

Jef Reahard

If you haven't tried Rusty Hearts yet, this week is as good a time as any since Stairway Games, WindySoft, and Perfect World Entertainment are adding a brand-new playable character to the hack-and-slash free-to-play title.

Leila Vergerius is the younger sibling of Roselle Vergerius, and she's been fighting to escape her older sister's protective shadow for some time. Perfect World tells us that Leila doesn't actually need the protection since she's more than capable of unleashing a dark magic-flavored can of whoop-ass on par with those of big sis.

Leila is also adept with a sword and an axe, both of which are made even more deadly by her propensity for speed, agility, and leap-and-flip aerial attacks. Check her out in the gallery below, and head to the official Rusty Hearts website for more game info. We've also got an interview with Rusty Hearts producer Mark Hill on today's podcast!

[Source: Perfect World press release]

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