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Ten ways En Masse changed TERA for the west

Jef Reahard

TERA's launch day is upon us at last, and in between bouts of action combat we're scouring the web to gauge everyone's reaction to the game. One of the more interesting pieces we've run across thus far outlines all the changes made to the TERA client to accommodate western audiences. has a list of 10 things En Masse did differently when it appropriated the Korean version of the game, including controller support, quest rewrites, reputation, and daily quests. The firm also made extensive changes to the game's leveling curve to avoid the dreaded "Korean grind-fest" syndrome that supposedly prevents Asian MMOs from finding success in the States.

En Masse also borrowed EVE Online's anti-gold farming PLEX idea, renaming it Chronoscrolls for the world of Arborea. There's more too, but you'll have to click the source link below to read it.

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