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TERA reveals launch trailers, provides update on account errors


Today is a fateful day for Arboreans everywhere, as En Masse Entertainment's spankin'-new action-based MMO, TERA, is officially live. In celebration of the momentous occasion, the studio has released a shiny launch trailer for existing fans and potential players alike to feast their eyes upon. As one might expect from the game that coined the terms "big-ass monster" and "real action combat," the trailer is essentially a series of scenes of ass-kicking set to some suitably epic music, offering players a glimpse at the fast-paced combat they can expect from the title.

In addition to the launch trailer, the studio has posted the two final race videos; we've included all three after the cut.

But of course, MMO launch days are always fraught with at least a few issues, and TERA's launch is no different. Many players are experiencing errors that are keeping them from getting into and enjoying the game, but En Masse tells those players to rest assured that the team is "actively working to resolve them." Players experiencing those issues should keep an eye on the official TERA site as well as the game's Twitter and Facebook pages, as any updates to the situation will be posted as they happen.

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