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Report: Draw Something daily users declining rapidly


Draw Something users may be finding a new distraction, according to conclusions drawn by a new report from WebMediaBrands. As reported by the BBC, WebMediaBrands tracks Facebook usage as it relates to mobile applications. According to the data, the number of daily users that log in to Draw Something via Facebook dropped from 14.3 million 10.4 million from April 2 to May 2, suggesting that the game may be losing its death-like grip on the masses.

Zynga acquired Draw Something developer OMGPOP in March for a cool $200 million. It's important to note that the report doesn't include all Draw Something users, as it's also possible to connect with just an email address. Still, assuming the report is accurate, a decline of nearly 4 million daily users probably isn't the best news for the company after making such a large investment.

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