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US Army gets picky, solicits smart feed ammo system for machine guns and auto cannons (video)


War! Huh! What is it good for? Stuff like smart bullet-feeding systems, apparently. See, the US Army isn't quite satisfied with the mixed ammo feed it currently uses with weapons like the helicopter-mounted M230 chain gun. Instead, it wants its machine gunners to be able to freely switch and pick their ammo of choice -- whether it be incendiary rounds or precision-guided smart bullets -- to better match conditions on the field. So the Army is using another weapon in its arsenal -- good, old tax dollars -- to solicit proposals for a smart bullet-feeding system. Initial project goals include near real-time inventorying of ammo, a fire rate of 300 rounds per minute and a selection accuracy rate of 95 percent. Yeah, it's no freaking railgun or tactical laser system. But at least the feeding system can also be used for more peaceful pursuits, like dispensing medical vials or emergency supplies (not via machine gun, of course). In the meantime, folks who want to see a demo of the system's not-so-peaceful applications can check out the video after the break.

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