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Walt Disney World reportedly testing iPads for Fast Pass system


According to a Twitter account that is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company (@DisneyProjects), Walt Disney World is testing a new iPad-based FastPass ticketing system. The system would use RFID technology and an iPad-based scanner to let visitors schedule ride passes before their visit.

If visitors wanted to ride Space Mountain in the morning and Splash Mountain in the afternoon, they could schedule their time in advance and not have to wait in long lines. When they enter the park, visitors would be given an RFID-enabled wrist band that they will scan at the entrance to each attraction. Their information would then be sent to a nearby Disney employee who is equipped with the iPad.

Disney World is reportedly testing this system for a few weeks starting in May. There's a first-person report of the test experience at the Touring Plans blog. The system, known as either X-Pass or FASTPASS+, may not use iPads for the final system.

[Via MacNN]

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