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Samsung unveils Galaxy S III accessories: wireless charger, S-pebble MP3, AllCast wireless dongle in tow

Joe Pollicino

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While the star of today's Unpacked event is certainly Samsung's Galaxy S III, every hero can benefit from a few good sidekicks -- or in the case of this Android superphone, accessories. Up for offer will be a variety of goods including a flip cover, battery-charging stand, spare battery, car dock, "metallic docking stand" and HDMI adapter. Perhaps most interesting pieces, however, are the AllCast wireless dongle (which appears to be direct competition to HTC's Media Link HD video-mirroring device), a Wireless Charging Kit and an S-pebble MP3 player that plays nice with the scan and match feature in the Music Hub app. We're gathering all the details we can, so in the meantime grab a look at the gallery below.

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