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War Wings is now 'Damage Inc,' coming this summer from Mad Catz


Mad Catz has revealed that War Wings: Hell Catz, announced last year, has been renamed Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. As the rather unwieldy title implies, Damage Inc. is a flight combat game set in the Pacific theater of World War II, beginning with the attack on Pearl Harbor and progressing through "23 historically accurate missions and 100+ mission objectives." The game will also feature online co-op and versus multiplayer. Damage Inc. will be released on Xbox and PS3 this summer.

And, if you're still wondering why a peripheral manufacturer would be dabbling in publishing, meet the Pacific AV8R Flightstick. The stick will be included with the collector's edition of Damage Inc, which has yet to be priced. Strangely, the Damage Inc. website showcases a PC version of the stick, though no PC version of the game has been announced.

We'll be giving the game a spin at E3 next month. In the meantime, check out some fresh trailers and screens.

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