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NintendoWare Weekly: Amoebattle, Super Hang-On


Two new Virtual Console games in as many weeks? What is going on? On top of the VC release of Super Hang-On, Amoebattle makes its way to DSiWare and Bird Mania 3D takes flight on the 3DS eShop.

We rather liked the iPhone version of Amoebattle. Its real-time strategy controls should translate to the DS and 3DS just fine.

Wii Virtual Console

3DS eShop
  • Bird Mania 3D (Teyon, 1 player, $1.99): Take control of a bird named Mojo as he collects stars, pops balloons and avoids danger.
  • Amoebattle (Grab, LLC, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): A real-time strategy game boiled down to microscopic, handheld proportions. Gather an army of amoebae and destroy the opposition.

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