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Steam adds Genesis Classics Collection 5: Beyond Oasis, Phantasy Star 2 and more

Jordan Mallory

The fifth Genesis Classics Collection is now available on Steam, perfect for PC players who want to relive the glory of their Sega-oriented youths. The same goes for Nintendo-aligned Console War veterans, who now, wise beyond their years, look to experience what life was like on the other side of the trenches.

The Genesis Classics Collection 5 boasts 10 games for $7.99, or $2.99 a piece if you'd rather go a la carte. Amongst the recommissioned relics from yesteryear are Phantasy Stars II through IV, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Vectorman 2, and Beyond Oasis. Jump past the break for the full list, which also includes Dynamite Headdy, one of the best, weirdest games ever made for Sega's classic warhorse.

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