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BBC to launch app companion for Antiques Roadshow, asks you to price up British heritage


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Perennial evening schedule-filler Antiques Roadshow will launch a new companion app in the UK, connecting PCs, smartphones, tablets and BBC's red button feature on TVs to the show, as it goes out live. It's shaping up to be very different to the existing PBS app, this time combining your incredulity over whether a painting is really worth that much with a quiz format. You'll be able to guess the value against the clock, with separate amateur and expert levels. (We're all experts when it comes to 18th century pottery, right?). It's the Beeb's first public launch of its companion feature, following closed trials with shows like Frozen Planet. When it eventually launches in September, you'll be able to poll the rest of the British Isles to see what they reckon before you make your decision. Until then, we're stuck vocalizing our disbelief at the TV.

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