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EverQuest II producer talks May updates, player-made dungeon tweaks

Jef Reahard

May is shaping up to be an interesting month for EverQuest II fans. Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale has given us a new blog entry that talks about new testing tools, NPC quest-update functionality, and of course, the usual optimizations and bug-fixing that follow any large game update.

Also of note is the upcoming ability to take your own avatars into the game's Dungeon Maker utility. Initially, content creators and fans could select only from pre-made avatars when running through player-made dungeon constructs. Last December, EQII devs introduced the ability to run player-generated content with players' own avatars, but the update wasn't quite ready for prime time. It still isn't, according to Longdale, but she does say that substantial progress has been made. Look for the new "level agnostic" gameplay on the test server soon, and look for more analysis of EQII's changes in tomorrow's Tattered Notebook.

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