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Guild Wars 2 gem store goes (partially) online


One of the more controversial aspects of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 is its microtransaction system, the details of which were tightly under wraps until the recent NDA-free public beta weekend. Now that the public's had a look-see, ArenaNet brought its gem store out into the open for all to see.

The browser version of the store, which is also available in the game itself, is only partially functional at the moment. While it does list the categories, items, and icons for its wares, it's lacking any prices, descriptions, or ability to purchase.

It's worth a look if you want a first-hand view of the goods that ArenaNet hopes will power Guild Wars 2's profitability, of course. The categories include style, consumable, support, account, boosts, and minis.

[Update: The gemstore has since been taken down.]

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