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Playing Persona 4 Arena, Episode 1: Buttons and systems

Jordan Mallory

Despite the exceedingly rudimentary tone of this video's first half, Atlus' new series of Persona 4 Arena tutorial videos will undoubtedly come in handy for those less mired in the intricacies of fighting games, yet still interested enough to give P4A a shot.

This first episode covers basic movement and button functionality, as well as P4A's cornucopia of special techniques and gameplay systems. RPG fans following the series into this brave new world will undoubtedly be able to handle concepts like "blocking" and "jumping," but the game's "Auto Combo," "Furious Action," "Burst," "All-out Attack," "SP Skill" and "Awakening" mechanics are probably worth familiarizing yourself with ahead of time.

And by "probably," we mean "We're never going to remember any of this."

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