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The Daily Grind: Do you mourn games that never were?

Eliot Lefebvre

With the sudden and unexpected shutdown of Dominus prior to its launch, the game joins a long line of titles canceled before ever seeing the light of day. Some of them were expansions or campaigns, like Guild Wars: Utopia; some were full games, like the various Ultima Online sequels planned over the years. But none of them ever saw general release. They existed only as test clients and unrealized screenshots.

Obviously, it's difficult to feel the same sense of loss for these games. Star Wars Galaxies is gone now, but it was released and playable at one time. But for some people, the games that never really existed can be a little bit sadder. They weren't cut down in their prime; they were cut down before they even had a chance. So do you mourn games that never were? Do you reminisce about what could have been? Or do you save your sorrow for games that did get released and then faded away?

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