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Battle Chess remake moves to Kickstarter for multiplayer funding


The studio developing the licensed remake of Battle Chess has begun a Kickstarter to fund a full featured multiplayer system for the title before its launch later this year. Expected to launch last year, Subdued Software, which received no funding from Battle Chess rights holder Interplay, has been working on the project between contracts.

"The Kickstarter will allow us to focus and finish the game," Subdued Software President Mike Terlecki told Joystiq. "If we get the funding we're looking at a September launch window."

The company's Kickstarter is seeking $100,000 for an online experience that'll include "skilled based matchmaking, statistics, leaderboards, achievements and in-game chat." The company also learned a lesson from the Star Command Kickstarter, factoring the cost of fulfilling rewards and running this campaign.

"We have carefully planned out the costs of staffing the programmers, artists and testers necessary to complete online multiplayer feature and arrived at this amount."

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