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Jef Reahard

One of these days we're going to write a story about how has colonized another planet and is busy converting its indigenous population into fiendishly addicted action MMO players. Today, though, the company is settling for Korea.

The month of May brings the latest territorial expansion for the firm's ubiquitous World of Tanks brand as well as a new Korean office. "We are proud to announce that is just a couple of steps away from establishing its Korean presence," says CEO Victor Kislyi. "Now that we're fully prepared to meet [the] high expectations of the Korean gaming community, I don't see any reasons for World of Tanks not to become a success." launched World of Tanks in 2011. The company is currently conducting global alpha tests for its World of Warplanes followup as well as developing World of Battleships.

[Source: press release]

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