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Microsoft wants Mac SkyDrive users


The competition between Microsoft and Apple is moving gradually from the desktop to the cloud. As noted by The Next Web, a recent marketing push by Microsoft tries to woo Mac users away from iCloud and into Microsoft's cloud-based SkyDrive service. The webpage and video highlights the advantages of SkyDrive by pointing out that Microsoft's service gives you access to every file, everywhere, even across platforms and, unlike iCloud, it integrates well with Microsoft Office.

These features of SkyDrive may not entice Mac users to abandon iCloud, but it could get those Office users to consider using the service along with iCloud. You potentially could use iCloud for your music and photos and push your productivity stuff into Office and SkyDrive. I personally wouldn't do it because iCloud and DropBox works just fine for my needs, but heavy Office users might want to take a closer look at Microsoft's service. SkyDrive includes 7 GB of free storage and has an app for the iPhone and iPad.

[Via The Next Web]

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