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Pac-Man Kart Rally out now on Windows Phone


Pac-Man Kart Rally, a 3D multiplayer racing game for Windows Phone, is available now via the Windows Phone Marketplace for $2.99. Pac-Man Kart Rally features 10 classic characters and 17 tracks from Namco Bandai's repertoire, including the Fighter from Galaga, the Prince from Katamari Damacy and Pac-Man, of course.

This is the first Windows Phone game to support real-time, four-player multiplayer over Wi-Fi, and it includes Xbox Live Achievements and leader boards. A trademark for Pac-Man Kart Rally was first spotted in 2010, along with Pac-Man Rally Kart. We assume the second will be an iOS-only title that looks just like Kart Rally, but is published by a group of shady con artists in Wisconsin and crashes at the start menu every time.

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