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Plantronics M55 and M25 bluetooth headsets ears-on


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Plantronics has launched two headsets at this year's CTIA: the M55 and M25. Sure, we'd bet dollars to donuts that piles of companies offer more bells and whistles but the M55's $49 and the M25's $39 price tag will likely garner some fans. The M55 features voice activated answering, 11 hour talk time, 16-day standby, DSP noise reduction, a physical barrier on the mic to reduce wind noise, and one free year of the Vocalyst service. The M25 apes its pricier sibling except it lacks the Vocalyst service and voice activated answering. Both devices feature a deep sleep mode that extends standby time out to 150 days once your device steps out of range of your mobile for longer than 90 mins. Best thing? You can barely notice when you're wearing one, though the rubber parts are a bit grippy and might tend to pull hair when being put in and removed from your listening place.

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Zachary Lutz contributed to this report.

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