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Project Triniate attempts to put an MMO on a Nintendo 3DS


There have been plenty of attempts at creating MMOs on mobile platforms, but so far those have been largely confined to smartphones, tablets, and iPod Touches. Enter Project Triniate, an MMO aiming to release on Nintendo's 3DS handheld platform by developer Robdeprop of

Since the 3DS can't handle Java or Flash, the idea is that the player uses the system's browser to navigate to the official website and use the website to run the game instead. The title looks like a top-down 2-D game that relies on the stylus for any in-game conversations.

While interesting, it's certainly a long shot; even the developer says that it might not be released. Still, if you have a 3DS you can currently give the game a try -- for a buck, that is. Check out a demo video of Project Triniate after the jump.

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