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The Fullbright Company's first game explores the drawers of a strange home


We were excited about The Fullbright Company because it was founded by three ex-BioShock developers, but now we have another, more tangible reason to eagerly anticipate such a glorious union: the games. The Fullbright Company has announced its first project, Gone Home, a mysterious exploration game set in a "modern, residential locale" and shown as a pre-alpha build in the above video.

Fullbright hopes to make Gone Home a rich simulation title with an emphasis on interaction, where players are able to open every drawer and examine the smallest details of their environment to unravel what happened there. The video teases these elements, as well as an audio diary system that plays at its end.

Gone Home is native to PC but will support gamepad, and Fullbright will not have a Kickstarter for this title. In related news, "Are you planning to do a Kickstarter?" is now a question that developers consider a standard FAQ.

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