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Zynga's Bubble Safari out tomorrow, created by NBA Jam's Mark Turmell


Zynga has announced Bubble Safari, its first project headed up by Mark Turmell, who joined the company last year after leaving EA. A match-three puzzle game, Bubble Safari has players bursting bubbles, earning power-ups, and saving woodland creatures from poachers (and generally reminiscing about Bust-A-Move).

Bubble Safari is free-to-play and will be released tomorrow on and Facebook, Zynga tells Joystiq. Check out the first trailer above.

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Hot off the branches, Zynga comes shooting into the bubble game genre with the launch of its newest game, Bubble Safari! Players embark on an action-packed journey to help beloved Bubbles save his monkey girlfriend from evil captors. Hang on tight as Bubbles zips across the jungle to rescue his friends, encountering new characters and obstacles along the way. Connect with friends and family in a whole new way with fun features like "Bubbles from Friends" and "Level of the Week!" Bubble Safari is the first game to simultaneously launch on Facebook and – pop on!
Bubble Safari features include:

• It's Better Together: Share bubbles with other players to improve gameplay or battle it
out with friends and family in a weekly tournament for "Level of the Week".
• On Fire Mode: On a roll? Drop fruit 3 times in a row to catch On Fire!
• Map it Out: Collect doobers, mine, explore, and complete quests on your Bubble
Safari map to truly immerse yourself in the game.
• Boost Bubbles: Use Boost Bubbles to power through the jungle. Various boost
bubbles include: lightning, rainbows, and of course, coconuts.
• Power-Ups: Need an extra hand? Stay alive with the help of power-ups, including
"Gust of Wind", "Animal Helpers", and "Rewind".
• Creative Hazards: Spawners, spoil alerts, bee hives – watch your step! This IS a
safari, after all...
Bubble Safari is the latest arcade release from Zynga, following Zynga Slingo, and the first game to come out of Zynga San Diego.
Bubble Safari is available in 14 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Castilian), Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, and Swedish.

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