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Evernote updates Mac and iOS apps, makes it harder to forget those chores


Evernote provides many a forgetful soul with a much-needed digital crutch, and the less-forgetful minds behind it have just dished out a couple of updates. Mac users get a new "Card View," which replaces the thumbnail view (with cards, instead of thumbs obviously) and offers up more info at a glance, with some options to customize the view. For those that are a little more lengthy with their prose, the introduction of word- and character-count for each note may also be a welcome addition, as well as a few other minor functional tweaks. If your Apple is a little smaller, then you might notice a few updates also. The Note Editor in the iOS version has had a redesign, with easy access to attachment options and text styling. Again, there are other small improvements too, such as simplified checkboxes for when adding things like "click on the source link to get more info."

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