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How to buy Minecraft on Xbox 360 for $5 less than on your Xbox 360 [update: no more!]


Update: Best Buy's price for Minecraft is back at $20, unfortunately. Congrats to those of you who managed to snap up the lower price!

With the launch of Minecraft today on Xbox Live Arcade for the lofty price of 1600 MS Points ($20), we searched long and hard to discover a way to buy the game for a full 25 percent off. There was lava and exploding Creepers and this skeleton that kept shooting arrows – pretty harrowing stuff. Anyway, we sussed out this precise formula for snagging the game on the cheap. Follow along below ... if you dare.
  • Step 1: Go to Best Buy's website.
  • Step 2: Purchase Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for $15 instead of the $20 it costs on Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Step 3: Laugh and throw money in the air, you baller.

[Thanks KP!]

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