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Confirmed: Rovio acquires rights to Casey's Contraptions


Rovio's Ville Heijari has confirmed the rumor we heard yesterday is true, and Rovio is taking over the iOS Casey's Contraptions title from developers Noel Llopis and Miguel A. Friginal. We're still not sure what the exact business agreement is, but it sounds like an acquisition of all rights associated with the game, and Rovio seems to also have kept on Llopis and Friginal as developers for their services. The Casey's Contraptions title is going to be removed from the App Store for now, and return as an official Rovio title for both iOS and Android (along with other platforms, possibly, later on this year).

As I said yesterday, this is a great move for everyone involved: Rovio gets a high quality title that really appeals to casual gamers of all stripes (with a really impressive social and content sharing backend), and Llopis and Friginal get the opportunity to bring their really excellent game to a much larger audience. Casey's Contraptions was always a great title, but now it'll have the Angry Birds-fueled marketing machine behind it all the way.

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