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Jason Rohrer trusting Kickstarter for Diamond Trust of London pre-orders


Jason Rohrer's DS board game, now known as Jason Rohrer With Music By Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London, was finally officially approved for publishing as of last week. With Nintendo no longer a hurdle, Rohrer is now seeking Kickstarter-based pre-orders to actually manufacture the game, a first for a retail DS game.

"As I faced Nintendo's large manufacturing minimum, a serious question arose: how many people in the world would want to play it?" Rohrer said in the explanation of his Kickstarter drive. "Kickstarter is a perfect way to answer that question."

To get the game, you must contribute at least $35. At $55, you get one of 1,000 limited-edition copies, with mysterious special items included. "I've decided to keep the nature of these special inclusions secret as a surprise," Rohrer said, "since every package will have a unique collection of special items in it." As always, the bonuses get ever more extravagant from there.

All you need, though, is one copy of the game. You can play multiplayer from a single cartridge using Download Play. "There is one minor benefit to playing with two cartridges," Rohrer noted: "both players can hear their own, separate, generated music (the music is too big to send to the downloading player during DS Download Play)."

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