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Perpetuum putting player-built settlements on new test server tomorrow

Jef Reahard

Avatar Creations is hard at work fleshing out its Perpetuum sci-fi sandbox. The game has garnered a small but dedicated fan following since its 2010 launch, and those fans are finally getting some test server functionality as of this Friday. If you're not terribly excited by buggy test code, you should be excited by the opportunity to try out the long-awaited PBS feature.

PBS, or player-built settlements, are exactly what they sound like. They're also a part of Avatar's bid to strengthen Perpetuum's control and capture mechanics, which should give players and clans something to fight for beyond bragging rights.

Be sure you have an active sub if you want to check them out on the test server tomorrow. Avatar also says that you'll also want to set up a separate installation (i.e., don't load the test client over an existing Perpetuum install).

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