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This realistic Portal turret is the reason you should stay in school


This shooting, talking, laser-pointing Portal turret made by a Penn State University Advanced Mechatronics student is pretty impressive, even without its final casing. The turret tracks the position of a specific pink shirt and asks innocently after potential victims if it goes without stimulation for too long, eventually locking on and shooting foam darts at the rosy intruder.

We say it's pretty impressive in the sense that we want a dozen and we're astounded at the level of detail and care put into such a project, but at first we read the title too quickly and thought this guy had created working portals, which would be way cooler. The lesson here: However awesome your final university project may be, the things we make up in our heads will forever be more awesome. Sorry, dude.

We'll still take 12 of those turrets. Thanks.

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