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Beta iCloud site briefly appears along with developer's site (updated)

TUAW editor Dave Caolo noticed that the iCloud beta site briefly featured icons for Notes and Reminders. The good folks over at MacStories and developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted the same thing. It was up long enough for a quick screengrab then disappeared. Is this a teaser for WWDC? As a certain archaeologist would like to say, "Spoilers!"

It's interesting to note that the screengrab Dave managed to get is different from the ones that the MacStories crowd got, so it looks like Apple is messing around with the layout. It also appears that a beta version of iOS 6 will be required to use Notes and Reminders via iCloud, MacStories states.

Notes and Reminders are logical extensions of iCloud, ones that should have been there from the beginning. It's good to see that Apple is adding them now.

As Dave notes, there's plenty of room behind the iCloud sign-in for a seventh icon. What else do you think Apple could be adding to iCloud? Let us know in the comments

Update (1 p.m. ET): It looks like someone at Apple is flipping switches, as a developer's site became active, disappeared and is now showing again.


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