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iConnectMIDI provides for all your MIDI requirements, including iOS


For musicians who use MIDI, it can be difficult and frustrating to get all your MIDI gear to talk to each other, especially all at the same time. Usually you hit some kind of snag, like your USB port not providing enough power to your MIDI device. Or older MIDI gear with 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors won't talk to your computer or newer MIDI gear, which only uses USB.

Additionally, more and more people are using MIDI on their iPads and iPhones to make music, taking advantage of the huge amount of CoreMIDI compatible apps out there.

For the average user, it can be difficult just to connect a MIDI keyboard up to an iPhone, let alone any additional MIDI gear. And if you're the kind of musician that has MIDI instruments and devices scattered all around your work space, then you know what it is to need a MIDI interface.

Previosuly, TUAW has coverd some other solutions, but the guys at iConnectivity have come up with a one size fits all solution: the iConnectMIDI -- a MIDI interface handling up to 12 MIDI connections.

In a small, but sturdy package, the iConnecMIDI has 2 miniUSB ports for iOS or desktop computer (Mac or PC) input, a powered (up to 500mA), standard USB port that can be connected to a hub supporting 8 devices, and 2 MIDI DIN ports for older gear. That's someting I've not seen on other MIDI interfaces!

Alongside a whole list of fantastic features (super fast -- no effective latency, multi-platform compatibility, no computer required), iConnectMIDI can be programmed to route and filter your MIDI data just how you want it. For example, get your iPad to talk to just one connected keyboard or all connected instruments. Or, as iConnectivity explains, "filter out all pitch bend data going out of ports 3 and 7... [or set] all data from three keyboard controllers go to one connected synthesizer."

I got a chance to use the iConnect MIDI for myself, and although my setup is not very complicated, it was great to be able to hook everything up together and see it work seamlessly. And not to worry about power (except for my iPad)!

At US$199.99 (with a promotional introductory price of $179), the iConnectMIDI is not for the light MIDI user. But considering its cutting edge feature set and tidy, sturdy footprint, if you're using the ever expanding range of iOS MIDI apps alongside your traditional MIDI gear, the iConnectMIDI needs to be at the center of your MIDI world.

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