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The Secret World's skill system detailed in new video

Jef Reahard

If you're staring down the barrel of The Secret World's first beta weekend and you're a little bit daunted by the game's 500-plus skills or its classless progression system, don't despair. Funcom has released an eight-minute video designed to teach you the basics and get your paranormal adventures off on the right foot.

The ability wheel breaks everything down into one of three categories: melee, magic, or ranged. Each is subdivided a further three times into different types of weapons (blood magic, blades, rifles, etc.). Technically you can learn every ability in the game, but you can only equip 14 at a time (seven active and seven passive), and you're also limited to equipping two weapons simultaneously. Your 14 abilities, when paired with your weapons of choice, make up your build, and half the fun in The Secret World is trying out all the possible permutations.

Learn more after the break, and don't forget to check out our Secret World press beta impressions while you're at it.

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