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CD Projekt Red hiring for RPG in a 'brand new setting'

Jordan Mallory

CD Projekt Red, the makers of The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, has posted a boat-load of job openings for an unannounced "RPG in a brand new setting" over on its official blog. "We're looking for people who would rather work on an entirely new and different IP," reads the listing, "a vast RPG for which we want to assemble the best possible staff. It represents an opportunity for you to create a grand new project from the ground up!"

The listing also makes reference to the developer's existing "mature dark-fantasy world," distinguishing this new project as likely separate from The Witcher (at least in location), and as one for those who "can't stomach dwarves, elves or sorceresses who put their ample charms on display in Playboy magazine."

If you're an artist, programmer or designer looking for work in Poland, give it a shot! There's never any harm in trying. Well, unless you're trying to teach synchronized swimming to an uncooperative bear – there's probably a lot of harm in that.

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