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Frogster talks TERA Elin censorship

Jef Reahard

If you're still fuming over the decision to censor TERA's Elin race for the western market, or if you're simply an interested bystander, Eurogamer has posted a new interview that's worth reading.

The site sat down with Frogster's Lucile Le Merle, who addressed the ongoing censorship controversy that manifested itself in the removal of Elin panties and the addition of both longer tights and belly-covering outfits for the characters on both the US and European TERA game servers. Le Merle says that Frogster had no say in the game's PEGI 12 rating, noting that such things are determined not by Frogster but by PEGI. "We only send a specific version of the client to PEGI, which rates it and sends it back to us with the final decision. Then we can contest it, if we deem it's not the right rating."

Le Merle also touches on the cultural divide between East and West (and between anime fans and the uninitiated), concluding that ultimately Frogster and En Masse had to make changes. "In Asia their mindset is completely different. To them it is not a problem. It is not related to pedophilia. It's just part of the culture to have small, little girls that run around smiling. People just find it normal," Le Merle explained.

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