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Not So Massively: Diablo III launch and DreamHack Summer 2012


Diablo III became potentially the most pre-ordered PC game in history this week, breaking both Blizzard's personal pre-order records and online retailer Amazon's. The game is set to launch at midnight tonight, unlocking physical copies and digital installers. Diablo-inspired free-to-play dungeon crawler Path of Exile approaches its own launch this week with the release of its penultimate version 0.9.9 patch.

League of Legends announced its upcoming MSI Beat IT tournament at DreamHack Summer 2012, with a prize fund of $40,000 US and a series of public online qualifiers. Bloodline Champions revealed its own $10,000 DreamHack tournament, with open in-game qualifiers scheduled for next weekend. Valve announced details of the second Dota 2 world championship, a series that started with last year's $1.6 million US tournament.

Blizzard settled its lawsuit with Valve this week, renaming Blizzard DOTA to Blizzard All-Stars but securing the continued non-commercial use of the DotA name for the fan community. Heroes of Newerth released its incredibly successful new Midwars game mode, and Rise of Immortals put forth its official immortal spotlight for new immortal Nauria.

Not So Massively title image
Diablo III is Amazon's most pre-ordered PC title ever
Raise your hand if you think Diablo III isn't going to sell a bajillion copies. Yeah, we don't see a lot of hands there, despite plenty of pre-launch controversies like the real-money auction house, PvP, and developer faux pas.
Diablo III shows off the wrath of angels
Diablo III is fast approaching release in a week, but even now it's important to remember the roots of the series. The game's lore has always been based on the conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, and rather than simply create a trailer narrating that fact, Blizzard chose a more unique route.
League of Legends mastery point exploit fixed, banhammer incoming
We all know that League of Legends breeds a fairly competitive community, but unfortunately there are players out there who don't let little things like rules and common decency get in the way of their desire to win.
League of Legends runs Make-A-Wish charity campaign
The Make-A-Wish foundation is a charity that helps make seriously ill children's dreams come true. Several months ago, Riot Games worked with the foundation to bring 17-year-old League of Legends fan and cancer sufferer Joe up to the studio where his favourite game is made.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III launches tomorrow, and it looks like it's one of the most pre-ordered games in history. When Blizzard said it had broken its own pre-order records, players suspected that this may have counted the free version granted by the World of Warcraft year pass. But this week Amazon chimed in with news that it was the most pre-ordered PC title in the retailer's history, even beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops.

Physical copies of the game and digital installers have already made their way to some players, but both have been encrypted and will be unlocked at midnight tonight. The frantic race to install the game will almost certainly be followed by a global rush to be the first person to complete the game and the first to hit level 60. Diablo III fansite DiabloFans has a colossal raft of information this week in time for launch, including details of all the item stats and monsters.

In the lead-up to launch, this week Blizzard released both its incredible animated Wrath of Angels trailer exploring the game's back-story and the official launch trailer below. Stay tuned to our Diablo III category tomorrow for our launch day roundup and a guide to your first day in Sanctuary.

Path of Exile title image
With Diablo III releasing tomorrow, upcoming free-to-play dungeon crawler Path of Exile has been attracting a huge amount of attention. Players have been enjoying the open stress test weekends, and release now seems to be almost within reach. The colossal version 0.9.9 patch was released this week, and Grinding Gear believes it's the best patch yet. New features include a minimap, traps, remote mines, deployable totems that grant auras or cast spells, tons of new skills, and a new Shadow class. The patch also contains a lot of polish changes and graphical updates, preparing for the imminent version 1.0 official release.

League of Legends title image
DreamHack Summer 2012 is approaching, bringing with it the League of Legends MSI Beat IT tournament with huge cash prizes. If you and your friends think you have what it takes to get through to the tournament, you can sign up now for the online qualifiers. With a total of $40,000 up for grabs for the final tournament, hundreds of teams have already entered for just 64 spots in each of the four online qualifiers.

If you saw last week's reveal of new League of Legends champion Varus and have been waiting for some gameplay tips, you're in luck. This week Riot Games released the official Varus champion spotlight, with some great tips on keeping up lane pressure in the early game and pulling off combo attacks to snipe players who think they're safe.

Bloodline Champions title image
Bloodline Champions will be making its usual showing at DreamHack this summer with its $10,000 US tournament. Open in-game qualifiers were unexpectedly canceled this week and replaced by an invite-only qualifier by GDStudio. If you were hoping to get into the DreamHack tournament and have a shot at the $10,000 prize pool, don't worry; there'll be another open qualifier in-game on Sunday May 20th.

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This week Valve announced its upcoming Dota 2 world championship tournament The International. Last year's tournament was the first time Dota 2 was revealed to the public, and it featured a colossal prize fund of $1.6 million US. Ukraine team Na'Vi won the million-dollar top prize, and that team is back in the tournament this year to defend its place as Dota 2 champion. This year's prize fund hasn't been announced, but Valve revealed that the tournament will be held in Seattle's Benaroya hall from August 31st to September 12th.

Blizzard DOTA title image
When Blizzard first announced that it was making Blizzard DOTA, MOBA fans everywhere anticipated a legal clash with Valve due to both titles' use of the DotA brand. That clash came when Valve filed to trademark Dota 2 and Blizzard lodged legal opposition on the basis that the brand was created by fans under license by Blizzard. This week the two companies reached an agreement, with Blizzard giving up all commercial rights to the name. Blizzard secured the use of the name in a non-commercial way for its community but has renamed its game to Blizzard All-Stars.

Heroes of Newerth title image
Midwars is live and has become the most popular game mode in the Heroes of Newerth matchmaking system. The new game mode offers faster-paced action, with players focused into one lane instead of three and respawn timers cut down to a minuscule 0.6 seconds per level. To prevent games from dragging on forever due to the negligible respawn times, S2 has put the spawn point for each team in a different location than the inner towers, barracks, and World Tree/Sacrificial Shrine.

Kongor has been replaced by two new NPCs that drop interesting new items. Transmutanstein drops the Token of Vision, which provides clearvision around the owner and reveals stealthed heroes but not wards. The mage Zorgath drops the Tablet of Power, which combines the effects of every power-up tablet at once to give you three illusions, double damage, invisibility, regeneration and haste.

Rise of Immortals title image
Last week the Rise of Immortals team revealed Nauria, a new melee damage-dealer with the ability to hook players into melee range from a huge distance. This week Petroglyph released Nauria and her official immortal spotlight, providing details of all of her abilities and tips on item builds and tactics. If you've been playing Nauria and want some tips, or if you just want to see the latest immortal in action, check out the immortal spotlight video below.

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