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Time Warner Cable head unfamiliar with AirPlay


Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn A. Britt admitted he is unfamiliar with AirPlay, said a report in the New York Times. During a group interview last Friday, Britt said there was no easy way to get Internet video onto a TV, overlooking AirPlay. Apple's wireless video option easily sends a media stream from your iOS device to your TV via an Apple TV. (Not to mention other options like the Boxee Box, Roku or Google TV, which in some cases offer even more web-based video options than Apple TV does.)

Britt, who claims to be an Apple user, said, "I'm not sure I know what AirPlay is." He added, erroneously, "the current Apple TV, the little thing, the hockey puck, really doesn't do anything to help enable you to get Internet material on your TV." It's a shame that the head of one of America's largest cable companies is so blissfully unaware of the technology that's driving innovation on mobile devices and the internet.

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