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Pantech P8010 meets FCC, brings AT&T LTE along to say hello

Brad Molen

Though it hasn't been officially announced, AT&T's likely has a new Pantech LTE phone in its reasonable future. The P8010 just got approved by the FCC, and its next-gen radio offers support for no less than four LTE bands: the 700 / 1700 frequencies used by AT&T, as well as 850 / 1900. What's curious about the latter pair of bands is that they're the same ones used by the largest GSM carrier for its HSPA+ / WCDMA needs, suggesting that AT&T's planning ahead for possible refarming of its spectrum. Aside from this hefty nugget of info, the federal docs don't give much else away, aside from a well-detailed diagram showing the back of the phone -- complete with its microSD and micro-SIM slots -- and the usual smattering of compatible GSM / EDGE and 3G radios. According to preliminary benchmark results, however, the P8010 will likely be a step up from the Burst, sporting a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait processor, qHD display and Ice Cream Sandwich. To sneak a peek at the docs yourself, head to the source.

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