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Somebody finished Diablo 3 in 12 hours [Update: Others did it in 7]


We wonder – when someone finishes an epic, sprawling title such as Diablo 3 in a matter of hours, does he experience the years of excitement, adrenaline and joy had by unrushed players as a super-compressed ball of electric hype? And if so, how does his heart not explode?

Diablo 3 player Yoshichan would know the answers to these questions, as he posted final stats from Diablo 3 showing that he finished the entire game in 12 hours and 29 minutes. Yoshichan played as a Barbarian on Normal difficulty, reached level 32, had 8,368 Lifetime Kills, 412 Elite Kills and collected 168,481 gold during his run. He obviously didn't run into many Templar followers.

We suggest Yoshichan pop an aspirin and give Diablo 3 another, heartier go, but only if he promises to stop and smell the brimstone along the way.

Update: It appears a few more players have gotten past this dreaded "Error 37" monster we keep hearing so much about to finish Diablo 3 in just seven hours. A group of four Korean players ran through the entire title in seven hours on Normal difficulty, and a group of Chinese players did the same, Tom's Hardware reports. [Thanks, AlexLiebensfeld.]

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