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World of Warplanes video diary details classes, roles

Jef Reahard

Looking for the latest World of Warplanes news? has you covered with part two of its developer diary video series.

The clip introduces us to some of the dev personalities working on the game as well as the three main aircraft classes (fighters, heavy fighters, and ground attack planes). "Fighters top the food chain," according to historical consultant Yuri Pasholok. "They are the most widespread, versatile, and -- pound for pound -- the deadliest class in the game."

In comparison, ground attack birds are "slow, clumsy, and very heavy." Pasholok says, "To imagine what flying a ground attack plane is like, think of flying a tank." Why would you want to fly a tank? Well, for the ridiculous amounts of destructive firepower, of course. Finally, heavy fighters are something of a middle ground between the previous two classes. They can take a beating better than their light fighter counterparts, but their main objective is defense and interception. Click past the cut to view the full video, and be sure to check out The Firing Line this Friday for an exclusive World of Warplanes producer interview.

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